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Galactooligosaccharides(GOS) Powder


GOS is the only prebiotic derived from the lactose in cow’s milk. All other prebiotics originate from vegetable sources.

For example, Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) are extracted from the chicory root. Equally important, GOS is similar to the prebiotic oligosaccharides found in human breast milk1,14 - that is why it is included in baby milk formulas and preferred by mothers who can’t or choose not to breastfeed.

GOS has four unique properties:

●A complex molecular structure,which has a prolonged beneficial effect in the large intestine.

●A high prebiotic index means it is highly digestible by bacteria, helping them to thrive.

●These bacteria produce a diverse range of short chain fatty acids(SCFAs) which exert significant and recently discovered beneficial effects in the gut.

●As well as a Prebiotic Effect common to all prebiotics,GOS also a direct effect on the immune system which separates GOS from other commonly used prebiotics.

Gos helps to maintain gut health throughout our lifecycle and can also provide significant health benefits in animals.

Prebiotics: healthier gut, healthier life

Maintaining gut health is essential for all of us throughout our lifecycle. Prebiotics support the body’s natural defenses, improve the absorption of key minerals in our diet and promote digestive comfort.

●Support natural defences

●Increase mineral absorption

●Aid digestive comfort

GOS reaches the large intestine mostly intact where it is consumed by ‘friendly’ bacteria and helps them thrive – in particular Bifidobacteria12 and Lactobacilli.15 As ‘friendly’ bacteria thrive, there is less room in the gut for ‘harmful’ bacteria to take hold.GOS works and its potential for promoting gut health.

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