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Calcium Powder Mix

Calcium is an important mineral essential to our health. It is a key component of healthy bone and teeth and also important for most other cells in the body including the nervous system and heart.

The human skeleton is actually renewed every 7 years. So getting adequate calcium on a daily basis is vital. If our diet is defient in calcium, the body will take calcium out of the bones for other important functions. This can lead to weak, brittle bones and easy breaks and fractures later in life.


Calcium supplements may have several health benefits.:

Help Prevent Bone Loss in Postmenopausal Women:After menopause, women lose bone mass due to a decline in estrogen.

Help With Fat Loss:Studies have associated low calcium intake with a high body mass index (BMI) and high body fat percentage.The study found that those given a supplement containing 600 mg of calcium and 125 IUs of vitamin D lost more body fat on a calorie-restricted diet than those who did not receive the supplement,take vitamin D with call.

Help Lower the Risk of Colon Cancer:According to one large study, calcium from dairy products and supplements may lower the risk of colon cancer .

Help Improve Metabolic Markers:Several studies have suggested that taking calcium supplements might improve metabolic markers, especially when taken with vitamin D.

Increase Risk of Heart Disease:Studies research prove needed to determine the effect of calcium supplements on heart health.

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