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Fructooligosaccharides(FOS) Powder

FOS are used primarily as a low-calorie, alternative sweetener.


People can eat and drink products made with FOS

instead of those containing sugar, which spike

glucose levels in the blood, and cause weight gain.

FOS may also be preferable to artificial sweeteners,

some of which have been linked to everything from

weight gain, to diabetes.

FOS can be found in many foods. The highest concentrations are found in:

的的blue agave



的的chicory root

的的Jerusalem artichokes

Blue agave is available as a nectar you can dilute in water

and drink. You can also use blue agavefull strength as a

syrup. Chicory root is commonly used as a noncaffeinate

substitute beverage for coffee.

FOS are also available in powder form as supplements.

They are also an added ingredient in prebiotic supplements

in pill or capsule form.

FOS is typically listed on food labels as part of dietary fiber, under the total carbohydrates number. It is an ingredient in some brands of yogurt, nutrition bars, diet sodas, and other products, such as dog and cat food.

FOS is commonly added to beverages, syrups, and foods, as a sweetener, there are also many benefits of consuming FOS including:

often used in baby formula to help feed the beneficial bacteria that the intestines need.

Contains Source of soluble fiber:Soluble fiber helps to absorb water in the intestines and give the fecal matter a consistent shape.

Increasing the levels of soluble fiber in the diet from FOS has been shown to reduce or eliminate digestive issues, such as constipation

or diarrhea. This regulatory effect may also be caused in part by FOS feeding the good bacteria in the colon.

Lowers cholesterol: can reduce cholesterol levels in animal studies. Introducing FOS into a calorie-restricted diet also helped to reduce

weight gain.

Reduces blood sugar:FOS may also be great news for people with diabetes and also seemed to stimulate insulin secretion in the pancreas.

Not carcinogenic, and it has little potential to disrupt or damage normal cell growth. Consuming FOS will not feed cancer cells or contribute

to their growth.

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